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Stella Artois Tomato, Arugula & Basil Salad
    An explosion of colors and tastes that is capped off nicely with a Stella Artois!
Alexander Keith's Traditional Lager Shrimp Salad
    Seafood has never tasted so good as when it is drenched in Alexander Keith's flagship beer!
Apple Smoked Chicken & Gouda w/ Pepper Jack Salad (Amberbock Dressing)
    Looking for a healthy choice with a unique kick? Try our Amberbock dressing paired with pepperjack, gouda and chicken!
Widmer Corn & Crab Chowder
    A good crab chowder is hard to come by but with this recipe you'll be licking you lips!
Toasted Lager Soup
    Because of the cold or just because. Toasted Lager Soup satisfies the soul!
Budweiser Chili
    Everyone enjoys a good chili and everyone enjoys Budweiser. Throw in a ghost pepper if your brave!
Chicken Zuchinni & Lemon Zest Pasta
    A Hoegaarden flavored Pasta with hints of the Meddeteranian. Healthy, light, and full of flavor.


Big Daddy Spindler's Amberbock Brats
    Straight from the grill of Big Daddy Spindler himself! Brats smothered in tasty tasty Amberbock.
Amberbock Sizzlin' Steaks
    Another Amberbock concoction blended with the simplicity of grilled steak.
Thai Circus Boy Skewers
    The perfect blend of spice and beer liven the senses with this combination.


Hoegaarden Mussels
    A sensational dish of steamed mussles prepared over a steam bath of Hoegaarden
Lobster Steamed in Stella Artois
    A new take on most sought crustacean of the sea. Enjoy with a Stella Artois to perfection.
Sole w/ Pancetta in Hard Cider Sauce
    An aromatic dish full of flavor, this preperation of Sole is a desireable dish for hearty evening..



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