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BLACK FRIDAY = Bourbon County Stout!


So you intend to be one of a few brave souls hoping to capture the proverbial “brass ring” of the craft beer world. Well I suggest you get off the couch now and take your turkey stuffed self out to one of these fine locations tonight, because come the morning the line could be rather long. What? You actually thought I wasn’t going to clue you in on where that brass ring might be located? Oh ye of little faith….

Consider beginning your journey at these select locations through out Seminole and Lake County, Florida.

  • ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
  • B & B Discount Beverage
  • Busters Bistro
  • Hourglass Brewery
  • Maggie’s Attic
  • Mermaid Juice
  • Pat’s Liquor Leaf & Wine
  • Petty’s Meat Market
  • Taps Beer Wine
  • World Of Beer

The rest is in your hands, and remember…
“Black Friday”
The Madness Begins 11.28.14
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