This is a full-time position with a varied five-day workweek. This position is required to work weekends and most holidays. Start time for Merchandisers can be as early as 5:00 in the morning depending on the route and store requirements.

The Merchandiser must be able to:

  • Restock shelves, coolers, displays, end caps and other areas of the stores we serve
  • Maintain product freshness guidelines with proper product rotation
  • Merchandise shelves and displays with signage and pricing
  • Maintain positive relationships with store personnel
  • Drive a company vehicle


The ideal candidate for this position will be an individual who can pay above average attention to details, will be concerned for the exact correctness of work, and possess a strong commitment to tasks being completed on time. The person in this position will take work seriously, has a strong sense of duty, and is disciplined. The candidate must enjoy a stable work environment with consistent and repetitive expectations. A customer service, team-oriented focus who is willing to be cooperative with both store employees and fellow workers.